Radiator problems are generally preventable if you’re willing to take proper care of your automobile. Wear and tear and age are two of the biggest contributors to an unhealthy radiator. This cooling system is designed to maintain the ideal engine temperature for driving. When the radiator doesn’t work properly, the engine overheats and many problems result.  What causes the radiator to malfunction? Three common reasons include:

1- Overheating

Radiator overheating can be caused by any number of problems. It could be caused by a broken or malfunctioning fan, low or no coolant, broken hoses, or dirty radiators. Leaks may locate the vehicle to overheat.

2- Rust

When you see rust, it is also a sign of trouble. It is especially true when you see the radiator, which is made of metal with rust. Even modern radiators with plastic tops contain metal components on the inside the put them at risk. Replacing the components is the usual solution to this problem.

3- Leaks

Is your radiator leaking? Old ae is usually the cause of a leak but it can be caused by other problems. You’ll notice greenish colored fluid underneath the car if the radiator is leaking. A replacement radiator is usually the best solution for the problem but do talk to the professionals to learn more.

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Call a Pro at the First Sign of Trouble

If you suspect trouble with the radiator in our vehicle, be sure to find a professional to make a repair as soon as possible. The sooner you call a professional to schedule radiator services waltham, the sooner you can put this problem and the worry that it brings, behind you. Radiators are an important part of your vehicle and of normal operation. Make sure your radiator always works great.